Respiratory  System

Lungs: This organ makes you breath and is a vital part of your respritory system smoking causes it to weeken and stop moving the more you smoke the more cancer grows around the lungs without them you wouldnt be alive. Your lungs are full of little bags which remove oxygen from the air we breathe in, and put carbon dioxide into the air we breathe out.

Larynx: Sound is generated in the larynx, and that is where sound and volume are manipulation. Without this organ you wouldnt be able to speak.

Trachea: Also known as your windpipe it allows air to pass to your lungs alowing you to breath.

Diaphram: This is a sheet of muscle which separates your chest from your abdomen. It helps you breathe and also stops your intestines moving up and blocking your chest. When you have hiccups, it's really your diaphragm squeezing tight.

Activity: Mach Pitures to maching words? 

           Diaphragm                  Lungs                                    Larynx                                Trachea

How to keep a healthy Respiratory System?

  • Do not smoke why? Because the contents in your respiratory system cause all kinds of effects to your respitory system such as: weezing, cancer, coughs and colds
  • Excercise more this making you breath harder therefore excerising your lungs and having a healthy respiratory system
  • Eat health because when you eat fatty foods fatt get stored in your arteries and can cause cardio vascular disease